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The Russian Food Company

Having experienced success in the UK Pie market, winning 25 British Pie Awards; The Russian Food Company was ready to take the next step. 

With support from the ScaleUp 360 Programme they had access to a product and packaging design team, who helped them to re-imagine their 200 year old recipe and translate it into a piroshki for the modern grab and go food market. 

Introducing: Pie’wich - Pie. Sandwich. Reinvented

“We received very prescriptive guidance on what is needed  to manage the logistics of shipping our piewiches nationally. We learned about pallet configuration, the various charges that can be passed on to our business from all the parties involved in storage and transportation. We really valued the expert tips on how to ensure our products travel safely on their journey to the retail outlets.” Steve Jones, The Russian Food Company

The company’s ambition is to get national distribution for the product. 

The ScaleUp 360 Business Coach matched the business with a Specialist Mentor, a mentor who was also a food producer with a practitioners’ perspective and had nationally distributed products. The Specialist Mentor was able to guide the companys’ supply, production and processes to be proactively prepared for scaling required for national distribution.  

“We learned how important it is to understand ALL the costs associated with making your product and to have a financial model that allows you to incorporate ingredient price changes, changes to the recipe and the pack size of each product. There are a bunch of costs that a national retailer will also want to pass onto you too ! As a result we have managed to ensure that our wholesale prices reflect all the obvious and not so obvious costs of shipping the finished product from your place of production to the shelf of the retail shop.” Steve Jones, The Russian Food Company 

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