We offer a bespoke mentoring service for businesses that have clearly defined support needs.  This is to address specific challenges you have, that cannot be fully addressed through the workshop or advice element of ScaleUp 360.  Mentoring support is distinctive from other provision by the levels of specialism and expertise and the time frames over which it can be delivered.  

Our mentors have supported business to bring new products and services to market, and increased opportunities for investment and growth.   

We currently have mentors supporting ScaleUp 360 clients from the food, tech, marketing, sales, business strategy, digital media, investor readiness and third sectors.

We are always adding to our mentor network as we believe this is a strong route to success.  If we don't have a current mentor to support your business need, we will use our networks to help find one!

ScaleUp 360 clients also benefit from networking with each other to build their skills and knowledge, whether this is in similar sectors, or something completely different.  We've seen some impressive collaborations!

If you think this support would be beneficial speak to your ScaleUp 360 account manager.

Technology Expert
Chris Wheater
Chris has over 27 years experience as a founder, owner and director of businesses in the IT, Tech and e-commerce sectors. Starting out in the 90s as a business consultant, this led to the acquisition of a struggling IT company in need of a turnaround. After transforming this to success over the following 10 years he then founded an e-commerce retailer in 2003. He now has a toolbox of skills to help entrepreneurs and start-ups bring business ideas to market, develop strategies for growth, create equity value and ready your business for investment or sale. Chris prides himself on providing no nonsense, practical advice to prioritise, focus and achieve your goals. Chris has a degree in computer science, post-grad qualification in manufacturing and an MBA. He has been providing consultancy advice since 2018 specialising in start-up and scale-up businesses requiring expertise in IT, Tech and e-commerce.
Food Industry Expert
Emma Killilea
A hugely successful businesswoman from Sheffield, Emma created her own gluten-free brand, Delicious Alchemy, after being diagnosed with the auto-immune Coeliac disease in 2005. Tired with the limited range of gluten free foods, she set about forming her own company, selling a range or breakfast cereals, breads, cakes and desserts to supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels, specifically catering for food allergies. Her mission was to create fresh, high quality food for people who have food allergies. Emma and her team are constantly innovating new products, adding to the growing list of foods that are available. Before Delicious Alchemy, Emma was a self-employed consultant for various video games development companies.
Investor Readiness Expert
Giles Moore
Giles is a multi-award winning CEO and New Business Director with 15 years’ experience developing and executing effective short and long-term growth strategies, marketing and brand development in both start-ups and long-standing international businesses. Giles set up his own VC funded tech business; Airstoc in 2014, winning multiple awards including the Northern Stars & Tech City UK Award for ‘Best New Start Up’. Growing from nothing to a network of 11K professional drone pilots spread across 129 countries in 2 years. He secured exclusive contracts with Disney, Adobe Stock, Discovery Networks, Netflix and more, filming everything from hotels, to airlines, to the Fast and the Furious films. Giles was the Chief Operations Officer of Campus Capital which builds early stage, growth focused alumni investment funds nurturing entrepreneurial talent before making any investment. 
Technology Expert
Morgan Killick
Morgan is a highly regarded business consultant with over 20 years experience as a business owner and mentor. Morgan founded an IT Services company whilst studying for a PhD and decided to leave academia to grow it. After 12 years hard work, recruiting dozens of staff and winning various business awards en route, he exited to an MBO (Management Buyout) in 2014. Morgan is unusual in that he started on his own, with nothing, yet managed to build a successful business with very little outside support, learning through doing. After exiting, Morgan discovered that this experience, along with his business nous, extensive contacts, and the hard skills he had picked up, were of tremendous value to other business owners. Morgan has a passion for supporting promising entrepreneurs and now advises dozens of local businesses, from start-ups through to £multi-million companies, as well as being a Director of SYHA Enterprises which manages a £5m investment fund. Morgan regularly helps scale-ups tackle challenges such as growth strategy, sales & marketing, accessing investment, managing people and processes and adoption of new technology. 
Third Sector Expert
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown has over 30 years of experience working in strategy development and innovation across all sectors, particularly in developing partnerships/collaboration across commercial, statutory, and third sectors to achieve shared goals. With a background in new product development and then as head of sales and marketing and a leading international PR consultancy director, she developed her marketing and communications expertise and senior management skills. Her passion is helping ethical organisations to grow, and she is just about to publish her book Winning by Doing Good.
YouTube Expert
Tom Martin
Tom has been certified by YouTube as an expert in both Channel Growth and Content Ownership and in his 8 years of working on YouTube professionally, has led the YouTube strategy for some of the world’s largest and most successful media companies gaining them tens-of-millions of subscribers and billions of views. He has consulted with YouTube Creators and Fortune 500 companies to improve their results on YouTube via his boutique agency Channel Fuel. Channel Fuel helps businesses and entrepreneurs to launch a YouTube channel from zero or take a channel to the next level no matter how big it is. With an emphasis on operations and process, Tom can help to maximise revenues from every media asset you own.