In June 2020, the first Festival of Ideas event was held to celebrate students’ business ideas that had been developed through the Enterprise Skills Project.

3 colleges took part, and the event was attended by 25 colleagues from partner colleges and the ScaleUp 360 consortium.

New College Doncaster students Sol Williams and Christopher Hunter successfully pitched for £1,000 of business support funding for their app idea: Where’s My Bus?

They had identified that students were never sure how long they would need to wait for a college bus, and so they came up with the idea for a bus tracking app that provides accurate location and arrival updates in real-time. Sol and Chris believe that their app could appeal to any organisation that runs its own bus fleet.

Chris said, “I’ve done a lot of research, and it is clear that many students wait for buses that have already departed or are running late. We know that students at other colleges have the same problem. Our app takes that uncertainty away”.

Sol and Chris intend to use the funding they received to purchase the essential items needed to get their idea off the ground.