Design Futures are an award-winning commercial consultancy based in Sheffield Hallam that have worked with small, medium, and multinational companies.  Design Futures work encompasses everything from research, to design, prototyping and development of products and packaging. 

Creative Director John Kirkby talks about the services on offer and why Design Futures love working with our small and medium enterprises on ScaleUp 360.

Working within a university gives Design Futures access to a wide range of different expertise and insights across many sectors and industries.  Based in their own specialist facilities, Design Futures deliver many different projects successfully. 

The team are a unique addition to the ScaleUp 360 offer.  They have been supporting clients to make innovative, sustainable, creative packaging solutions, launch new products and increase growth, margins and market penetration.  The work is funded through ScaleUp 360, and each project draws on the skills needed from the team so they can offer a truly bespoke experience.

Whether you need all or just part of their service, Design Futures are here to help you make an impact on your market!

Talk to your ScaleUp 360 account manager if you are interested in finding out if the support is right for you.  

You can find out more about the team through the Design Futures website.