Enterprise Skills Project


Welcome to the Enterprise Skills Project resources page.  

We’ve teamed up with colleges to run an enterprise skills development programme for students across the region.

By now, you’ve probably attended some of our workshops and are starting to think about your Team Project.  You’ll find everything you need to support your Team Project on this page. 

Check out these quick guides to help you with your idea:

The Team Project

The Team Project is a chance for you to put into practice what you’ve learned in the workshops:

  • Form a team
  • Come up with an idea for a business or social venture 
  • Develop your idea by completing the Team Project Plan
  • Submit your Team Project Plan 
  • Prepare to pitch your idea at the Festival of Ideas in March


From January to March, we’ll be visiting each college to deliver team coaching sessions.  If you need a hand completing the Team Project Plan or want to run through any aspect of your idea, look out for our drop-in events or speak to your course tutor to arrange a session.


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Got a question?  Email Andy Callard, Enterprise Coach:  a.callard@shu.ac.uk